“Digg.com: The Rise and Fall of a Social Media Giant”

The positives to a new site that organizes its stories using user input that people stay well connected to each other. They can discuss an article that they posted on Digg and if they haven’t read it yet, they know where it can be found. The negatives are that people could promote stories for money and web site directors would try too hard to have their stories posted on the website.

I can imagine a similar fate happening to other social media sites. It already happened to sites like Friendster or MySpace, which were once popular. I don’t believe that it will happen to Facebook anytime soon because Facebook just bought out Instagram for a billion dollars and Facebook seems to follow all the trends and constantly update their company to stay with the crowd. I think Digg can be popular once again if they worked on their marketing and did some advertising. I did not know what Digg was until I read the article. I went onto their website and found it was interesting. Upon visiting their website, I immediately found some articles I was interested in reading. I think it would be nice if my friends were to use the website because I would be attracted to see what articles that they would post.

I think the next social media giant is Instagram that is why Facebook bought them out. Other uprising social media companies are Vine and Snapchat. Instagram obviously took notice and added new features onto their app such as video posting, similar to Vine, and direct photo messaging, similar to Snapchat. Like Facebook, Instagram continuously has updates for their app and offers or adds all the same functions as their top competitors. However, Instagram used to be ad-free, and now has started posting ads through everyone’s news feed. It could be possible that people may not like all these new changes for the better.

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