Flickr: for photographers of all levels


Flickr, one of the most popular photo-sharing websites, is used by people worldwide for many reasons. Unlike other photo-sharing sites, Flickr allows professional-graded photos to be uploaded and shared amongst its members without it contorting the image. The size of the photos are not compressed, thus the quality of the photo remains original. Furthermore, the ability to cluster allows viewers or photographers who interested in a similar subject to come together. Most importantly, Flickr’s ability to add notes to any object or person in the picture allows users to “tell little stories” or be more specific in their submissions, which really gives viewers a more personal connection.

A lesson a local business can learn from Flickr is the creativeness and the innovativeness that they possess. Flickr has a way in making the photos you share more personal, at the same time more private, depending on their user-friendly settings. You also have an option of sharing your photos on other popular social networks such as Facebook, which will advertise their website to a much larger crowd. With Flickr, members can geotag their photos with the help of Yahoo maps to pinpoint their location, which could help a local business if people locate their business on websites such as Flickr and Facebook. People may stumble upon your business with searching for photos taken nearby, possibly making a new discovery for a favorite restaurant or place to shop.

I see Flickr as a lead competitor in the future compared to other photo-sharing websites. They have adapted well in technology advancements such as having an available app with photo editing and filter options for mobile phones and tablets. They also had the option where you can upload a video clip, which is now trending in apps such as Vine and Instagram. Unlike Vine and Instagram though, Flickr has superior photo/video quality which cannot be denied. As long as they keep up with their sleek designs and in-depth user options, Flickr will be in the long foreseeable future for photographers of all levels.


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